Learn to Hate the Word Diet

The world is consumed by dieting and weight loss trends. Try this, eat this, take this is something we accept as ways to live healthy and lose weight. Well, STOP IT. I hate hearing the word diet.  If you think about it, you invest in a 6, 8, 12 week money suck of a program, promising results after eating their food or following their program.  Stop treating nutrition like a one night stand by picking a program, giving it a good try, then kicking it to the curb and wonder why anything long term is just not working out for you.  Diet is a mind frame to so many people.  I can picture it now, we all know that person that says “I’m on a diet” and simultaneously half assed rolling their eyes as they say it.  Its like you stick yourself in a prison, and others do to.

Never say diet again, and say “I eat clean, nutritious and delicious food.” Instead of a 12 week fix, try a 4,240 (~80 years) week exploration and devotion to your LIFE.   Eat superfoods, indulge in rich dark chocolates, try new vegetables and fruits, and feed your body the proper energy it needs. Get away from processed, fake flavors, sugars and preservative packed items.

Weight loss you ask? Track it. Writing down your food makes you accountable for eating the right thing and ENOUGH at the right times. Your body will get you on a schedule of what you need and when after a while. Addicted to eating bad foods?  Baby steps, I was there.  For me exchanging one or two bad items a week for a good choice is slow enough for your mind to let go.  So, you exchange four to eight food items a month and keep going until you know you have a stable platform for proper nutrition.  Little things like bread choices. Getting rid of the enriched, preservative packed bread for a multigrain with lower ingredients can be a switch.

Ditch the diet, embrace feeding your body and giving it what it needs.  We all have so much to look forward to and so much to be excited about, now make food one of them. Food collage 1

Learn to Hate the Word Diet

From Defeated to Fierce

Battling weight, food addiction and hypothyroidism is not easy.  At my biggest I was a size 18 and ranged around 210 pounds at my heaviest.  I was having to buy some of my clothes at the plus size women stores. In getting ready for special occasions and feeling beautiful at the time then realizing that the weight and food addiction was clearly seen in pictures, I was broken.  The pain is real, the mental battles are real, the love for food is real.  I sought to food for comfort, I accepted the weight gain. To me there was no more walking around my problems.

It’s easy to accept our body and stay in our comfort zone. Your journey starts when you break the very surface of that comfort zone.  Our journey’s are individual but very real and nor do they end. So why embark?  For me, I struggled with depression and anxiety that was essentially made worse by my weight. I remember saying to myself, “I just want to be strong.”  Just like a drug, do you really want food and weight to control your life?  I began journaling my food and power walking.  I started doing 20 minutes with those lame hand weights.  Every day I walked and worked up to 30 minute, then 1 hour. Those lame weights had to be replaced with heavier lame weights and I became a power walking addict. I kept hitting my little weight goals that kept me going and stomped each pound and insecurity into the ground.

Today I weight train almost every day along with cardio circuit intervals and wholesome clean home cooked meals. I am no longer doubtful of my abilities and I no longer have to eat to hide my feelings. That doesn’t mean that I am not discouraged, or have the urge to turn to food. Instead I choose to lift. I choose to live. I choose to be free from the prison of stretch marks, fat remarks and abuse that I have burdened my body with.

Where ever you are in your journey whether just starting or on that last 10 pounds of your goal, remember why you embarked, why you train and why you live. Choose to fight and never give up.

This is for me, this is for you.  Our journey’s are individual, but the struggles are the same but very real.  I’m here to break down the struggles, the food addiction, the thoughts of “I can’t” and turn them into “I can.” Believe in yourself.  Believe in your journey.

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From Defeated to Fierce

Invest in Yourself


We spend time, money and effort investing. We invest in remodeling a home, investing in a new car, investing in a better equipment or tools, vacuum cleaners, cell phones and the list goes on!  Now putting into perspective the effort we put into everything, making it work better, faster and more economical; why not invest in yourself?

Consider you have only one body and one mind.  You can’t make either of them perfect, but you can do all in your power to invest by setting aside money, time and devotion to you. For me, personal training was both a financial investment as well a physical investment.  It was a leap of faith for me.  I set aside the money and time because I needed a change. I was, at that moment needing a push during the last quarter of my total weight loss. I knew I needed muscle to rid some of the skin, and bits of stubborn fat that had been calling my body home for quite some time.   Over one year ago I said yes to seeking help with training and I haven’t looked back.

I’m not saying run out and get a trainer (although a good idea), but there are so may other ways to invest in your body. After all, its in it for the long hall right?  Build it to last , just like 1950’s sewing machines. Invest in a good meals, adequate work out equipment such as shoes, and a gym membership. Though life is busy, set aside time to live.  Operate time into your schedule, because without you, you would not be there for your loved ones, work or enjoy hobbies or the activities you dream of doing the rest of your life.

Devote yourself now, and a year from now you will thank yourself.


Invest in Yourself